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A Manual for Small Archives, Chapter 13: Reference Services and Public Relations Activities

Accessibility and Archives

Canadian Council of Archives - Copyright Bulletins

Lisa Miller, et al. "Capture and Release": Digital Cameras in the Reading Room OCLC Report (2010)

Diane M. Zorich. "Developing Intellectual Property Policies: A How To Guide for Museums" (2004)

Blog - Michael Geist (on current copyright issues)

Canadian Intellectual Property Office - general information about Canadian copyright


  • Providing Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts (Archival Fundamentals Series II) by  Mary Jo Pugh. (Society of American Archivists, 2005)
  • Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators: Creative Strategies and Practical Solutions by Kenneth Crews. (Ottawa: Canadian Library Association, 2005, 2nd ed)
  • Demystifying Copyright: A Researcher's Guide to Copyright in Canadian Libraries and Archives by Jean Dryden. (Ottawa: Canadian Library Association, 2002)
  • Reference Services for Archives and Manuscripts by Laura B. Cohen. (ed) (USA: Routledge, 1997)
  • Without Consent: The Ethics of Disclosing Personal Information in Public Archives by Heather MacNeil. (Society of American Archivists and Scarecrow Press Inc., 1992)

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